Meir Inwall Mixer Body




Sold separately, the MW13BDY is a key functional component of our round wall mixer trim kit. The MW13BDY in-wall body is required with the purchase of a round wall mixer trim kit to create the perfect mixer solution to control both temperature and water flow for any area of your home, be it shower, kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Take the stress out of selecting the right fixtures and fittings while still managing time constraints thanks to Mix & Match by Meir. An innovative technology that allows you to split the in-wall and finish components of your mixers.

Designed to be dynamic, Mix & Match by Meir enables plumbers to work on rough-in while you select the dream finish for your home. Best part, when you change your mind and want a design refresh, you don’t have to replace the in-wall components, simply pick from the Meir colour range, and you have a completely revitalised space perfect for your next vision.

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